Star City Radio
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We have always loved radio.  Sadly, we feel the corporations have ruined the traditional radio industry.

Star City Radio wants to bring radio back.  And we want to do it with you !

We would like to partner with the people to build a radio station, "
built by the people, FOR the people".

Our funding concept is, in part, that Star City Radio relies on monetary donations.  

All donations are used towards the ongoing cost of the operation of Star City Radio and website.

Please know, all donations are deeply and greatly appreciated regardless of the amount.

A public account of all donations and/or contributions and explanations of funds are maintained and updated on file.

All online donations are on a one-time basis through the secure and safe Pay Pal.  Therefore, you are never obligated.  

We believe if you like what you hear and see, you will continue to make donations when you are able or when you

Star City Radio will constantly use and consider all donor, listener, website visitor comments, suggestions and other
feedback as our guide for programming and content.

In a real sense Star City Radio and the people will be partners !

Our ultimate mission is to be a platform for the voice of the people and a positive part of the community.

With Our Deepest Gratitude And Appreciation, Thank You For Your Support !
A Radio Station Built For The People, By The People
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